Air cargo systems vs. surface cargo systems


The air cargo system consists of everything related to air cargo and the air cargo industry: aircraft, aircraft roller and locking systems, terminals, ground handling equipment, personnel, documentation, and regulations. You are to analyze a surface cargo system. Please consider the other four modes of transportation discussed in Module 2 which are air transportation, railroad transportation, motor Freight, and ship or water transportation.

Note: Please number and state each requirement, and give each answer its own separate paragraph(s).

  1. Provide a brief synopsis of the Surface Cargo System you picked.
  2. Compare the Air Cargo System components to your Surface Cargo System components.
  3. Describe in detail similar Components and different components.
  4. Consider the management concerns of incorporating intermodal operations between the two systems.

The paper should include a minimum of 500 words, not including references or cover page. Be Specific on the details and ensure the entire paper flows. 

Observe written assignment formatting requirements listed below.

· Times New Roman font

· 12-pt font size

· double-spaced text

· Number pages

· Two references must be scholarly, peer-reviewed, and from reputable sources.

· Apply current APA style rules. 

Upon submission, your paper will automatically be evaluated through Turnitin for originality. Ensure your work is entirely your own and cite your sources!