Advanced operating system 3 assignment questions. please complete


Question 1.              (10  Marks)

a. How Process migration within a heterogeneous network is usually impossible, given the differences in architectures and operating systems. Describe a method for process migration across different architectures running:

    i. The same operating system

    ii. Different operating systems

b. To build a robust distributed system, you must know what kinds of failures can occur.

  1. List three possible types of failure in a distributed system.
  2. Specify which of the entries in your list also are applicable to a centralized system. 

Question 2.          (10 Marks)

a. Protection in a Distributed system is more difficult, where the users are allowed to do their own I/O, explain your answer with justifications, Why?

b. Why is deadlock detection much more expensive in a distributed environment than in a centralized environment?

Question 3.      (10 Marks)

Explain the following with diagram

  1. How do caches help improve performance? Why do systems not use more or larger caches if they are so useful?
  2. Stateful vs Stateless service
  3. Majority vs Biased Protocol
  4. Hard real time systems vs Soft real time systems
  5. Interrupt Latency vs Dispatch Latency