700-word proposal memo (no plagiarism, apa format) $10

In our readings for this week, we’ve learned about designing interfaces and dialogues. For your assignment, you will apply what you’ve learned to make a recommendation.Here is the context for your assignment: Tim is happy with your work. The next part of the proposal will be to provide a high-level recommendation on the method of interacting with the proposed system. For this part of the proposal, Tim wants you to provide a high-level or executive summary and make a recommendation (see below for details). Compose a proposal that is a minimum of 700 words (double-spaced) in length and responds to the two tasks listed below with the necessary references to support your work:

  1. Provide a high-level or executive summary of the following interaction methods: object-based, form, natural language, and command language.
  2. Then, provide a recommendation for the proposed system. Make sure you provide a clear justification for your recommendation.