3 short presentations | Education homework help

This will be 3 seperate presentations.. 1 for each chapter listed below. READ the INSTRUCTIONS carefully!!! I do not care which method you choose to present teh work as long as it follows the criteria outlined below.


The text we will use for this is: Classroom Instruction That Works, or simply CITW. This book is conveniently arranged into three main parts and associated chapters.

Introduction – 

1. Creating the Environment for Learning
   Chapter 1 – Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback
   Chapter 2 – Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition

4. Putting the Instructional Strategies to Use

   Chapter 10 – Instructional Planning Using the Nine Categories of Strategies


Expectations for research and posting –

  • Let’s move beyond text and use some of the presentation tools that are available to help our students engage and interact with the content. 

  • One presentation per assigned chapter. I do not want to place limits on size, but if you are using more than about 10 slides per chapter, then consider revising. Short, summaries, not explicit instructional guides. 

  • You can use preziglogster, adobe presenter, powerpoint, or other similar types of software as long as all students can have access. Provide links and or attachments.

  • Scholarship and APA format (at least a reference page) are still expected. This can be included directly in the presentation or as a separate attachment.

  • Please provide some introductory comments in your post if you are relying on an attachment. Do not just write something like “attached”. Kind of like an “abstract”. 

  • The objective is to provide enough vital information so that your peers can learn about the strategy/information without needing to read the entire text.