3-4 Page Essay and 6-7 Slide PowerPoint on Beowulf

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The landmark I choose for this project is Beowulf.


Purpose: Choose a landmark (a philosopher, a musician, a play-write, a poet, a piece of art, architecture etc…) and learn/research more about this landmark. Go beyond the textbook online. Wikipedia is a good place to start but use the links below to learn more and take your research further. Also, find a scholarly article to use in your presentation. Present it to the class via slides and audio. This assignment will build your research, technological, and both visual and oral presentation skills.


Research the work and build a 6-7 slide presentation on the landmark (again this can be a person as well). Use the links in this submodule on building excellent presentations for how to distinguish what you should put on the slides vs. what you should reference in your oral presentation.

Include the following information, as well as relevant images, if available:

Introduction: Time/decade and place of origin. What are the things that set this apart and make it fascinating to study? (1 slide) Address significant scholars/musicians/architect/painter/etc… involved. Provide background information.

What makes the work or person so significant (2-3 slides)

What did this work/person influence later? How did it influence this? (1 slide)

A quote from one of the scholarly peer reviewed article found in GALILEO and explain the quote in your own words and elaborate why you chose the quote. The quote must be from a scholar regarding your chosen landmark (1 slide)

Use your last slide as your Works Cited page in MLA format see link for help (1 slide)

Put description of each slide in the “Notes” portion of PowerPoint. This will be used to record an oral presentation later.

Criteria on which you will be graded for the PowerPoint:

Your understanding and analysis of the topic.

You’ve included information from the list above, and you have cited your sources correctly.


In 3-4 pages write an essay regarding the content of your chosen topic. This essay should not just be a report simply summarizing the work/art or architecture, and/or reiterating what others have said. Rather, this essay needs an analytical thesis statement (a thesis that can be argued). In order to support the thesis without just restating what has already been said, work on situating the argument explain what “they say” in order to get to what “I say” (or address what you have to explain from their quote or what you agree/disagree with and need to address). Again, feel free to disagree or revise what other’s (even scholars) have said. A great website that will help you with this is (the link below, you may have to copy and paste this in your search bar to get it to work).


Note: you may use these templates (close to being word for word) this is not plagiarism because you are filling in all the blanks. This handout merely serves to help you enter into the scholastic conversation of your piece.

The essay must:

  • argue an (or more than one) analysis. (thesis statement)
  • include at least 3 outside sources (not including your piece) –it can have more than that
  • one outside source must be scholarly peer-reviewed
  • In the introduction provide context or the environment of the chosen specific topic (work of art, architecture, etc)
  • In the introduction curtail or lead the reader to the thesis.
  • End the introduction with an arguable thesis statement that addresses the analysis of your specific topic
  • The body must follow make observations about the topic and address these observation’s significance
  • The body also must focus intensely upon one specific aspect of the topic and address its significance (this most likely is a key quote analysis if it is literature or a key quote analysis from a scholar writing about your chosen piece. Also for art this narrow focus may address a particular visual aspect-lighting, conflict, color scheme, etc…):
  • In the conclusion open up the piece back into the social context, addressing any social, political, religious, aspects this piece addresses, questions, or revises. Address the “So What” factor.
  • Lastly, in the conclusion, address how this piece is representative of whichever time period it resides (for instance how does Michelangelo’s represent the Renaissance or whatever time period your landmark resides in.
  • All this must be in MLA format see the link, you may have to copy and paste this in your search bar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnfl5itNJ3Y
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