2.5 page hr case study due in 24 hours

 You can find the case material in attach.

The case presents the effort of a company to increase its diversity.

Triggered by economic concerns, the Japanese government began policy talks to change the work environment to secure the workforce of the future. It focused on the economic diversity and on increasing women participation in the Japanese economy (called “womenomics”).

The case presents the story of General Manager Mieko Suzuki, who worked for the Japanese subsidiary of an American multinational technology company, X-Tech. Mieko is approached by the company president who asks her to join a new initiative by the executive management group to foster diversity, position she accepts.

To help you with the case, a list of questions is provided below to structure your ideas and guide your reflection.

1. What does Diversity mean in the US? Do national contexts influence the meaning of Diversity across the globe? What is the situation in Japan?  

2. What would be the benefits of increasing women participation at X-Tech? What about the other dimensions of Diversity at X-Tech?  

3. Is the intent of X-Tech pure PR for increasing its CSR or is it a genuine interest in increasing women participation in its workforce?