1.the general question, problem, area of investigation.somewhere in


Paper Proposal (4 Pages Each)

The proposal must include:

1.The general question, problem, area of investigation.Somewhere in your proposal, a clear concise research question will exist. This question should be sociological as well as involve social media.

2.A 1-2 page introduction to the problem or your question.There should be a minimum of 5 cited references in this section.What theories or key ideas will guide your investigation?Use the course texts to assist in your selection.Even if we haven’t covered an issue in lecture yet, please read ahead if this topic is critical to your proposal.

3.A 1-2 page detailed explanation of your methodology.This should include a discussion of:

-The collection of data-

-What- what social media are you studying?Tweets?Snapchat?Facebook?Interviewing users or nonusers, daily diary of time spent on social media doing what, survey of usage….Cross cultural comparisons of presentation of self in US Instagram, versus Korean Instagram, cross cultural comparisons of top celebrities, sites, etc. US, versus Korea etc….

-Be sure to note the time frame, the quantity, and the source

-Be sure to discuss logistics.How are you going to accomplish this?

-The use of the data

-How are you going to measure, code, and analyze your data?

-Try to think through and address any potential issues or problems

As I am rereading the instructions, the 5 cited references are from the class textbook which you need. The title is called, Media/Society: Technology, Industries, Content and Users.

Please make sure the grammar is perfect. Do not rush please.