1. in a web application, how is the execution of javascript

1. In a web application, how is the execution of JavaScript fundamentally different than PHP?

2. List and explain the steps in the request/response cycle in a PHP application that accesses a database.

3. How are the GET and POST methods of a web form different in how data is transmitted to the server?

4. How are single-quote strings different from double-quote strings in PHP?


5. Write a solution to the “FizzBuzz” problem. The FizzBuzz problem is a classic programming interview problem in which a range of numbers is examined to locate those numbers divisible by 3 and 5. If the number is divisible by 3, then print “Fizz.” If the number is divisible by 5 then print “Buzz.” If it is divisible by both, then print “FizzBuzz.” Otherwise, just print the number.

You should have an index.html file and a fizzbuzz.php file. The index.html has a form that submits data to the fizzbuzz.php file. You may optionally have a style file as well, referenced from both. If the user does not submit a start and stop number for the range (inclusive), then assume that start is 1 and stop is 100. Otherwise, use the specified range.

You may use either GET or POST for your form processing. Screen shots of one sample solution are below. You should try to get your solution to look as close to this output as possible.