1. Diagnoses, Differential, and ICD Codes(s)- Recommendations for Medications,Psychosocial Issues-Variables related to aging and mental health. Recommendations for NoN-pharmacological interventions. Changes in care approaches?

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EJ. is a 62- year-old Caucasian male who initially presented with new-onset symptoms of psychosis and mood liability thought to be connected with high dose Prednisone treatment for poison ivy exposure. He was brought to an emergency room by his grandson approximately 11 months ago with extreme agitation. Evaluation of E.J. at that time revealed auditory hallucinations. E. J. noted that the whispering voices had a persecutory tone. He also expressed feelings of paranoia, saying that the voices were plotting against him and that he would not let them win. the patient is currently residing in the secure wing of an assisted living facility.

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